Smart Humidifier (make Your Room Comfortable)

There are three key components to healthy air. It must be fresh, clean, and have the proper humidity. Humans are sensitive to humidity because the human body uses evaporative cooling, enabled by perspiration, as the primary mechanism to rid itself of waste heat. Humans can be comfortable within a wide range of humidity depending on the temperaturefrom thirty to seventy percent but ideally between 50% and 60%. Very low humidity can create discomfort, respiratory problems, and aggravate allergies in some individuals. In the winter, it is advisable to maintain relative humidity at 30 percent or above. Extremely low (below 20%) relative humidity may also cause eye irritation. Humidify your home, especially the bedrooms. Low humidity is a common cause of nosebleeds. The right humidity levels help your home to feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In the winter, or in regions that tend to be cold for most of the year, humidification, or adding moisture, is essential. This project sense temperature & humidity from your room or environment and check either it is in comfortable range or not. If it finds that relative humidity is lower than the required limit, it turns on the humidifier for 10 seconds, then again checks the humidity level. If not adequate then again turns on. Seeed studio HSM-20G temperature & humidity sensor is used here to sense the temperature and humidity. A LCD display is used to show the temperature and humidity level on your room. You can use Grove button to manually control the humidifier. To control all the things Arduino UNO is used.”


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