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TM1638 is an IC dedicated to LED (light emitting diode display) drive control and equipped with a keypad scan interface. It integrates MCU digital interface, data latch, LED drive, and keypad scanning circuit.

Great-Grandparents’ Digital Dream Alarm Clock

“The digital LED clock that your (great-) grandparents would have used without difficulties! DESCRIPTION I remember I always had to set all digital clocks for my grandparents in the 80s - these clocks and watches always required some complicated button juggling …

Project  OMEN Alpha

OMEN Alpha

“As-simple-as-possible computer with the 8085 CPU As-simple-as-possible computer with the 8085 CPU I write a book about old computers. Oh, sorry: I mean “vintage computers” from 80’s. My primary goal is to show how one can build a 8bit …

ScArY - Scientific RPN calculator on ATTINY

“ScArY is a scientific RPN calculator on an ATTINY85 and a QYF-TM1638-board (8 digit LED display with 16 buttons controlled with 3 pins). ScArY is capable of familiar functions of RPN calculators (i.e. stack operations) and many …