Content for MC68B50


The MC8850 Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter pro- vides the data formatting and control to interface serial asynchronous data communications information to bus organized systems such as the MC8800 Microprocessing Unit. The bus interface of the MC6850 includes select, enable, read/write, interrupt and bus interface logic to allow data transfer over an 8-bit bidirectional data bus. The parallel data of the bus system is serially transmitted and received by the asynchronous data interface, with pro- per formatting and error checking. The functional configuration of the ACIA is programmed via the data bus during system initialization. A programmable Control Register provides variable word lengths, clock division ratios, transmit control, receive control, and interrupt control. For peripheral or modem operation, three control lines are provided. These lines allow the ACIA to interface directly with the MC6860L 0-600 bps digital modem.