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The PIC18F K42 family of microcontrollers consists of ten highly integrated products — ranging from 16-128 KB of flash memory with package options covering 28-48 pins. This family is equipped with a comprehensive and rich set of Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) and Intelligent Analog features allowing for many functional tasks to be done in hardware – saving code, validation time, core overhead and power consumption. These MCUs feature a 12-bit ADC with Computation (ADC2), Direct Memory Access (DMA), Vector Interrupt (VI) Controller and other system enhancements. They are ideal for an extensive range of applications and markets, including automotive, industrial control, Internet of Things (IoT), medical and white goods. The MCUs offer a full suite of Core Independent Peripherals for safety-critical applications (Cyclic Redundancy Check with Memory Scan, Windowed Watchdog Timer, 24-bit Signal Measurement Timer, Hardware Limit Timer, Complementary Waveform Generation), up to eight hardware PWMs and multiple communications interfaces. They include a Configurable Logic Cell which integrates hardware functions to simplify and accelerate many common tasks.

Precision Motor Controller with LM629 and PIC MCU

“Control up to 4 motors with high precision using quadrature encoders, can be added to robots or create CNC machines. Background and Theory The purpose of this project is to create a system that give precise control of speed, acceleration …

USB Mass Storage Device Bootloader

“Let’s start with a video. It will tell you most of what I’m going to write about today. First of all, I have completed the USB bootloader for the solar charger. This part of the project will enable …

Pill Me Please - The Automated Pill Packaging Machine!

“An automated pill dispensing/packaging machine that packages pills into standard 14 slot pill boxes, to save time, money, and reduce errors. Nursing homes and hospitals are in need of a machine that automatically packages the residents’ weekly medications. The …

40 PIN & 28 PIN PIC18F USB Development Board

“PIC18F USB Development Board will help you with your prototyping requirement with any 28/40-pin Microchip microcontroller supporting USB interface . The board has been tested using PIC18F4550 40 Pin & PIC18F2550 28 Pin Microcontroller.”