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Two Digits Led display with PICO and LB-402-MD

This is a Raspberry Pico project, with a micropython app to manage the LB-402-Dn series two-digits led display. In the example LB-402-MD.

LB-402DN series: This is a two digit led display, that can be managed in common anode ot cathode in general. The series has red and green color. Digit 1, left (most significant in two digits numbers) has pin a1 to f1 (point dp1), Digit 2, right, has pin assignements from a2 to f2 (dp2).

This is a Raspberry Pico implementantion with micropython, for LB-402-MD.

Typical voltage for leds is around 2 volt, 20 mA of current.note: tested with an LB-402-MD module, green color in common anode. Pin assignement. is the same for all DN, using common anode (positive voltage, whereas all led pins go to negative (ground)). In the example set the internal rtc clock and display hh -> mm -> ss every 2 seconds. I have made extensive use of “dictionary” and “set” types of micropython.”

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