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Get started with Tensorflow lite/micro by Sony Spresense

This is a tutorial for MNIST data recognition using Tensorflow lite/micro on Sony Spresense Main Board.

This project describes how to model a neural network using Tensorflow 2.8.0 (Keras), generated the trained model, and tried to run it on Sony Spresense. Tensorflow has become much easier to understand since Keras 2.0, but porting it to microcontrollers has been a challenge. Many people may have been frustrated by the incomprehensibility of the Tensorflow lite/micro code.

This time, I introduce Spresense’s Arduino customized board package I made that is very easy to program by Arduino IDE, and explain how to program it.

This project separates into two parts. One is the explanation of how to make the trained model using Tensorflow on Python. Another is the explanation how to run the trained model on Sony Spresense by Arduino IDE.

Let’s started with Tensorflow code on Python to get a trained model.”

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