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Creating a complete working retro 16-bit computer from scratch in the style of the C64, CPC 464 and alike using an FPGA.

Hi, welcome to the home of the Moncky project!
The goal is to create a complete working retro 16-bit computer but with modern technology (FPGA board). It is a work in progress. A lot of ideas are still floating around :-)
At the heart is a 16-bit single cycle self-made RISC processor (not pipelined): the Moncky-3. In this project you can also find its predecessors. The Moncky-1 was first conceived to teach students about digital logic and processors.
The Moncky-3 computer is implemented on an Arty S7: Spartan-7 FPGA Development Board. The Moncky-3 processor interfaces with 2x128KB dual-port RAM, a VGA output, a PS/2 keyboard input, and an SPI interface. The computer can read files from an SD card connected to the SPI port.
It currently runs at 20MHz but I hope to make it faster one day.”

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