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A device that theoretically measures the speed of anything in meters per second.

My project is to design a device that measures the speed of anything. This device, which will measure in meters / seconds, is generally referred to as a chronograph. It can measure with a 5% margin of error in theory, but in practice it has a margin of roughly 15% deviation. Because the transmission speed of electronic parts using ambient heat etc. This multiplies the margin of error. For example, the CNZ1102 (Photo lnterrupters) I used in the project has a typical 6 µs, Max 200 µs delay and the LM358 transmission speed is around 15 µs. So you are likely to experience some loss in practice. Any trigger mechanism that will trigger pin 2 and pin 3 respectively on the arduino can be used instead of the Transmissive Photosensors I am using. Interrupts are used in the Arduino program, the aim is to get the clearest possible output and the least waste of time. The device can measure with an accuracy of 1 µs.”

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