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Raspberry Pi Zero USB Copier

I was looking for stand alone “headless” Raspberry Pi USB Copier software and stumbled upon Luke Hutchison’s “usb-copier” which allows you to copy, view and wipe USB sticks.

After seeing the picture of it utilizing the Adafruit 128×64 OLED Raspberry Pi bonnet and the Zero4U Shield, I instantly ordered both.

With little information on how to get this running on the GitHub page and not knowing a thing about Java, this took a little bit of playing around and also reaching out to the developer for help.

While this was a fun little project to complete, ultimately it doesn’t fulfill my use case. This program uses Rsync to copy files from one USB stick to another, which is great if it’s just random files but I want to be able to copy boot disks like Windows and recovery USB sticks for arcade games. This would require sector to sector copying like dd. I attempted to implement dd in replacement to the Rsync commands but with zero Java knowledge, I didn’t get far.

Regardless, if you are into the idea of a USB stick copier (for general files, not boot disks), this could be perfect for you.”

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