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Burglar Alarm

The TEJ2O0 engineering course is an outstanding course that teaches one many things about the computer and basic electronic circuits. One of the main highlights of this course is the Arduino Uno, specifically learning to code using it. This project demonstrates this skill and is easy to make.
The Burglar Alarm is a device that alerts the user if any form of motion is detected. Further, it sounds a ‘siren’ if the motion or in this case the ‘burglar’ is within a certain distance. Else, it will notify the user that all is clear and there is no motion detected via the LCD monitor.

Below is a list of supplies along with links to purchasing the product:
Arduino Uno (1)
Breadboard (1)
PIR Motion Sensor (1)
Ultrasonic Distance Sensor (1)
2 LEDs (Recommended: 1 Red and 1 Yellow)
Common Anode RGB LED (1)
5V Buzzer or Piezo Buzzer (1)
LCD I2C (1)
10k ohm resistor (1)
330 ohm resistors (2)
560 ohm resistor (1)
Jumper Wires (19: 5 black, 5 red, and 9 any other colour)
Male-Female Wires (3)
Arduino IDE software (1)
Timer tone library (1)
LCD display library (1)”

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