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nRF53 Apple Watch

Me, a non-apple guy, recently bought all the apple devices a man can get. Most inspiring was the apple watch, the sleek design and marvels of engineering made me think about making my own. Here is this week’s project, an nRF53 version of the apple watch with some sensors I would like on my watch.

Unfortinatly I dissent see this competition, untill the deadling for applying for hardware alreaddy passed. I hope that the effort going into this project is still recognized :) (PS: I want a tshirt)

Makingthe ultimate wearable tech

We would need all the cool features that are on the apple watch. Wireless charging, bio sensing for blood O2 levels, and EKG sensing. I’m often feeling tired after being in the office day in and out, and are curious about the CO2 levels I’m being exposed to. An advantage to the CO2 sensor is that it also measures total volatile organic gasses, so it should in theory detect odors that shouldn’t be in a workplace :) The most useful function on the apple watch, is getting notifications. Its super easy to miss out on important notifications such as meetings or other calendar specific arrangements. Pairing the nRF53 over bluetooth to your phone integrates all these features into one package. Now all that’s missing is a microphone to detect sound levels, and a barometer for hill climbing activities.

The design itself is based on the Apple watch 6, and should be compatible with apple accessories.”

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