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This device can help you view your current stock holdings through a small screen.

I will make some secondary market investments in my spare time. Usually these tasks can be done only in the mobile app. But I think it is also very interesting to use a hardware device to check stock information, so I made this project, hope you like it.

Features of the project
View real-time information of individual stocks, including,

Real-time stock price
Ups and downs
Holding cost Number of shares
View the overall position information, including,

Total assets
Total profit and loss
Profit and loss of the day
Total yield
Hardware connection
The hardware setup is very easy, you only need to connect the I2C_LCD to the I2C interface on the Squama Ethernet, and connect the Suqama RJ45 interface to the router. If your router supports PoE, you don’t need to supply power via USB after the code is burned.”

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