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In 1960, Hasbro unleashed its first personal “computer” to the masses. Called Think-a-Tron, it was launched decades ahead of IMSAI, Apple, or Commodore machines.
Ok, my opening paragraph for this Instructable is just a “bit” overstated, but so was the marketing for Think-a-Tron, “the machine that thinks like a man”. While some toys of the same era, like the Digi-Comp I for instance, endeavored to teach people about computers, Think-a-Tron took advantage of the growing interest in computers to sell a cleverly packaged trivia game. In fact, if there is any “claim to fame” attached to Think-a-Tron, it’s that it introduced the trivia game concept 21 or more years before Trivial Pursuit.

My goal for this project was to honor Think-a-Tron, not to reproduce it. I wanted to build something that is clearly a Think-a-Tron derivative, but utilizes modern fabrication techniques and components. At the same time I would try to maintain the 60s mainframe vibe of the original. As always I wanted to have some fun along the way.

Supplies:In addition to the 3D printed parts you will need:
1 - ADS1115 16 Bit 4 Channel I2C IIC Analog-to-Digital ADC Converter
1 - ISD1820 Sound Voice Recording Playback Module with Mic Sound Audio Microphone
2 - Robojax Whmxe 595-2 74HC595 Driving 2 Digit 0.5in Seven Segment Display
1 - BTF-LIGHTING 100pcs WS2812B Addressable 5050 Smart RGB LED Pixel Light
1 - ESP32-CAM 4M PSRAM Dual-core 32-bit CPU with OV2640 2MP Camera Module
1 - FT232RL FTDI USB to TTL Serial Converter (optional if you don’t already have one)
1 - LM2596 Step Down Buck Converter Adjustable DC to DC 3.2-40V to 1.25-35V Voltage Regulator Module
10 - Gikfun Micro Switch Long Hinge Lever (Pack of 20pcs) for Arduino EK1713
8 - M2 x 6 mm bolts
40 - 200 mm Female to Female jumper wires

Plus some pin headers (about 40 .1 spaced pins for each:

2.54mm Right Angle Male Pin Headers
2.54mm Single Row Female Headers
2.54mm Single Row Male Headers
Some 30 AWG insulated “wire wrapping” wire. Having a few different colors will be helpful.”

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