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This Raspberry Pi-compatible device lets you use joysticks as a mouse and enter keyboard and modifier keys with two dynamic keypad options.

For a long time, I needed a simple device allowing me to send varying mouse and keyboard commands to test some of my web applications and games on browsers. Also, I could utilize such a device to test keyboard and mouse functionalities of new single-board computers, for instance, Raspberry Pi, without kvetching about my lack of a proper keyboard and mouse :) Thus, I decided to create this project.

First of all, to be able to send keyboard and mouse commands via USB, I used an Arduino Pro Micro centered around an ATmega32U4 - an 8-bit AVR very similar to the ATmega328. The ATmega32U4 comes equipped with a full-speed USB transceiver, which can emulate any USB device.

Then, I utilized the 4x4 matrix keypad design to send keyboard keys, supporting up to 32 keys with two dynamic keypad options.

Finally, I used two joysticks as a fully-functional mouse, also controlling the dynamic keypad options and modifier keys.

After completing my design on a breadboard and testing the code, I designed a controller-shaped PCB (Arduino-Based Mouse and Keyboard Controller) with an integrated 4x4 matrix keypad and two embedded joysticks, displaying Pikachu as its center logo :)”

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