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This tutorial shows how to move two stepper motors so they will synchronously arrive at defined destination point. There are many sophisticated solutions for doing this such as GRBL or Marlin. Using an Arduino, there are also dedicated Multi Stepper libraries that can support you. However, we will use a more basic approach here making it as easy as possible while adding a simple user interface using either three LEDs and some microswitches.

1 Arduino Nano (or Uno, with 328P CPU)
1 Breadboard (830 Holes)
14 Jumper Cables (male-to-male, 10 … 20 cm)
12 Jumper Cables (male to-female, 10…20 cm)
2 LEDs (5mm, 20mA, around 2V)
2 Resistors (220 Ohm)
2 Microswitches
1 Potentionmeter (5 or 10 kOhm)
1 5V Power Supply
2 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motors (5V Version) + ULN 2003 Driver Boards”

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