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Corona - Beginners Arduino CO2-Measuring and Ampel Display Project

This is a project for absolute Arduino Beginners!
I was an absolute Arduino Beginner a week ago, so believe me, I know!
HOWEVER, if you go through this - Step-by-Step, I might be able to let you build a useful gadget for only about 25, with pretty lights, that could also help you, and someone(s) you care about, stay healthy.
You might also learn a tiny little bit about cool electronics and you might learn a tiny little bit of programming.
At the same time, you might also see that programming is actually really fun and kids stuff and that anybody (even me) can do it and does it every day anyway - like when you tell a friend how to put together the LEGOs for a cool toy or how to cook a great meal!
When you see how easy it is, you might actually go on to bigger projects, like a robot that will put the LEGOs together for you.
I hope youll like it ;-)
1x CO2-Temperature-HumiditySensor (9):
1x Arduino NANO (1):
1x LCD 20x4 with i2C connect (8):
1x 35 in 1 Arduino Sensorkit Modulkit etc (for Buzzer and Ampel 20 but you can buy the parts separately for cheap):
1x Switch to turn the Buzzer On/Off (no idea, but just couple of cent)
1x Bread-Board Kit (6,5)
1x USB data cable
A bit of code and a couple of program libraries from the interne (free, later)
Your Notebook/PC/….

OK, once you want to transform this into a real usable tool, you will need a case, some wires and solder and a soldering iron, but that is beyond this tutorial, because I just want to show you how simple it is to get started.”

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