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$50 Analog Joystick (HOTAS) With Haptic Feedback for Flight Sim

The aim is to create a fully functioning USB HOTAS* joystick from low cost electronics parts.

I bought Elite Dangerous when it was released for the Mac and realised very quickly I was going to have the floor wiped with me if I didn’t have a decent joystick, the problem is a really good joystick costs 100’s of dollars or $450 in the case of this one:… . Its very difficult for me to tell my wife should doesn’t need another pair of shoes if I order a $450 joystick for playing a “space game”.


Fully USB powered
Mac / PC / Linux Compatible

Programable Micro Controller
Analog X/Y Axis primary joystick
Analog X/Y Axis sub controller
Analog Throttle capable of 1024 acceleration points and boost
Weapon Arming toggle switch
2 x Analog Trimming Knobs
4 x Programable Momentary Buttons
4 Vibration motors

*HOTAS Stands for Hands on Throttle and Stick, so this is not a ‘typical’ HOTAS Joystick, by some definitions it would have to have a DPAD on the joystick controller, where my DPAD is controlled by the thumb of the throttle hand. But definitions aside this is an extremely capable game controller and infinitely customisable thanks to the on board programable micro controller.

Parts List
$10 - Arduino Leonardo
$3 - Old Wii Nunchuck
$19 - Joystick with potentiometers - type used for CCTV systems or wheelchairs
$3 - ABS Enclosure
$2.5 Flip up weapon toggle switch
$4 - Sliding Potentiometer
$0.5 - 2 x100K Potentiometers
$0.5 - a few Dupont cable connectors
$2 - 4x mini vibration units
$2 - L289n Motor driver
$2 - 4x minibuttons
$2 - ‘Carbon fibre’ vinyl wrap”

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