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We will make a LoRa based GPS tracker and connect it to the TTN, this gives your GPS Tracker maximum range without internet.

A couple of projects back we had a look at the LoRaWAN Gateway from Dragino. We connected different nodes to the Gateway and transmitted data from the nodes to the Gateway using TheThingsNetwork as the server. We went through the whole configuration process of the Gateway. In this project, We are going to take that game one step further by connecting a GPS tracker to the Gateway. In fact, we will connect two GPS trackers to the Gateway one by one.

First, we will connect an Arduino based GPS node to the Gateway after programming that in order to share GPS data, and after that we will connect a readymade GPS tracker node LGT92 from Dragino and collect GPS data from that as well.

Wait, Have I told you about the new Gateway from Dragino that we are going to use today. Yes, today we have a new gateway from dragino with us the 8 channel LPS8 gateway that we will use.

It’s gonna be fun. So let’s get started.”

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