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WS2812B LED embedded Glasses!

Hey Guys, so this is my RGB Glasses Project which has 49 WS2812B SMD LED soldered on the front frame. this post includes the soldering process of SMD LEDs on Frame PCB with an SMD Hotplate and a custom Stencil.

Also, this is all controlled by an sparkfun’s Pro Micro but the future version will have an ESP12F Embedded on the Temple of glasses with a small Li-Po Battery.

The normal Eye Glasses Consists of these general parts which are the RIM or Frame, Temple, Bridge, Lenses, etc.

the Important structure of Glasses is its Frame and Temple and my goal is to make a PCB Frame so I took some reference from the Normal/Average design of glasses and made its outline in my CAD Software (OrCad Cadence).”

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