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FPGA HW Acceleration Social Distancing Monitor

Social distance monitor using yolov3 and DPU acceleration on Ultra96v2

The world is now under the cloud of Covid-19 and it has been a hard time when the virus is spreading across the world.

Since keeping distance and wearing a mask really help to reduce the risk of infection. So I decide to do something for distance detection, which I know is just a prototype and far from being used in real life. But I believe with the combined efforts of all around the world, we can overcome such frustration.

I have not that much experience in using Xilinx products and FPGA development. This contest really gives me a change to know the power and flexibility of FPGA. And I see some improvements that can be done to make this project really meaningful.


Social Disatancing Monitor using yolov3 and DPU HW acceleration for Xilinx adaptive computing challenge 2020”

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