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Programming the GD32V Longan Nano

RISC-V is gaining traction and some development boards have already popped up. One of them is the widely available Sipeed Longan Nano. Written information is a bit sparse at the moment. Let’s try to fix this with a quick writeup on wiring and programming the board. If you just want to see what the board can do here is a video instead.

Nuclei SDK
For programming a GD32V series SoC best choice at the moment is the Nuclei SDK. It seems to be well maintained, exceptionally well structured and is quite easy to learn. Developing is done with your favourite text editor.

The SDK supports three different real time operating systems: FreeRTOS, UCOSII and RT-Thread. Since Longan Nano has only 32kB SRAM you might want to stay baremetal instead.

Nuclei SDK does support Longan Nano out of the box. Basic hello world and the Makefile would look like this.”

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