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Professional Hydroponics pH and DO Monitoring

Build a monitoring system that will measure your pH and DO levels.

The ideal pH range for most hydroponic systems is between 5.5 and 6.5. pH is important because it affects the availability and absorption of the elements needed for plant growth.

Oxygen is an essential plant nutrient and plant root systems require oxygen for aerobic respiration, an essential plant process that releases energy for root growth and nutrient uptake. In aeroponics systems, the oxygen supplied for plant root uptake is provided mostly as dissolved oxygen (DO) in the nutrient solution as well as a zone of aeration provided by a gap from the surface to the reservoir water level. The effect of temperature of the solution on the DO levels and on root respiration rates also needs to be taken into account. As the temperature of your nutrient solution increases, the ability of that solution to hold DO decreases.”

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