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Driving an AC high voltage and current load using an Infrared remote is very easy with this project. This is an open-source Arduino compatible hardware that is based on ATMEGA328 microcontroller, SSR (Solid-state Relay), Infrared Receiver TSOP1838, and analog input interface. We have used KSD215AC3 optically isolated solid-state relay to drive AC loads. We have tested this board with 200W/230V AC lamp, however, the load capacity of SSR is 15A. A snubber circuit is provided across the SSR-Triac which helps driving inductive loads. The heatsink on SSR is not required for loads up to 200W, however, for higher loads, it is advisable to mount SSR on a heatsink. Analog input can be used in applications such as motor speed control feedback, Heater controller, Feedback switch, Closed-loop control system etc. Connector CN3 is provided for Arduino Boot Loader burning and Code programming with Arduino IDE.”

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