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The prices of solar panels have been falling gradually but the cost of an off-grid solar system setup is rising steadily. However, anyone with basic knowledge of Electricity and having a toolbox can install it on their own. This will reduce the overall system cost substantially and you will learn a lot.
In order to build a basic off-grid solar system, you will need the following components:
1. Solar panel
2. Charge Controller
3. Battery
4. Inverter
5. Balance Of System ( Cable, Breaker, Meter, Fuses, and MC4 connectors )
In this Instructable, I will guide you step-by-step on how to choose the appropriate components of your Off-Grid Solar System and then guide you on how to connect and set them up properly.
Supplies:Components Required :
1. Solar Panel
2. Charge Controller
3. Battery
4. Inverter
5. Remote Meter
6. WiFi Adapter
7. Temperature Sensor
8. DC Breaker
9. AC Breaker
10. DC Busbar
11. Fuse Box
12. DIN Rail
13. Cables
14. MC4 Connector
15. Terminal Lugs
16. Cable Tie
Tools Required :
1. Wire Stripper
2. Crimping Tool
3. Plier
4. Screwdriver
5. MC4 Spanner
6. Spanners”

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