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UART Transmit with HLS for FPGA

This project implements a UART transmit logic design in HLS.

Like my previous projects, this one also demonstrates that “Designing digital systems with HLS for FPGA is fun”. If you are interested in learning HLS coding techniques please refer here or here.

UART is an old mechanism for serial communication which still is used in several electronic boards and computing platforms. Its implementation in an HDL language is not tricky and can be considered as an undergraduate homework. Here, I am going to take this example and show how easy and fun it is to implement that in HLS.

So, conceptually it is a trivial project; however, it is instructive for people who are interested in HLS.

Now the project definition: The following figure shows the simple structure of the project.

Our design in the FPGA receives an 8-bit data and whenever the push-button is pressed sends that to a computer to be shown in a serial terminal.”

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