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This project goes over how we made a DIY 3D LED Cube from ws2812b LEDs. The cube is 8x8x8 of LEDs, so 512 total, and the layers are made of acrylic sheets we got from home depot. The animations are powered by a raspberry pi and a 5V power source. The cube is a great piece to show off to friends and can act as a lamp. Ours is a little too big for a lamp (2ft x 2ft x 2ft), but you can scale this down to fit your needs.

ws2812b LED Bulbs -
5V Power Supply -
Raspberry pi 3b I used (can use any) -
SN74HCT125 Integrated Circuit - jumps voltage from raspberry pi signal to have proper voltage for led strip (I usually get my circuit parts from Digikey)
4ft x 8ft acrylic sheet - Home Depot”

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