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This is a story about failure and how I managed to iterate on the design process so I can fix my mistakes.
For some time now, I wanted to make a boat that I can use on my fishing trips where I can use this boat to pull the fishing line out on the water, beyond what I can cast by throwing and to also serve as a feeder boat to bring in extra food to the cast place for when catching carp.
When thinking about the design of the boat, I chose to make an airboat because the lake where I usually go fishing has a lot of grass growing in the shallow water, so any propeller or anything else sticking out of the bottom will become tangled and the boat can get stuck.
Below are the two videos of the entire process. The first one is the initial making that at the end did not work as expected but then after fixing the issues, the boat worked perfectly even while carrying a lot of weight.

Tools and materials used in the video:

A2212 RC Brushless Motor
30A Brushless Motor ESC
High power servo
9g servo motor
FlySky FS-i6X RC transmitter with FS-i6B receiver
2200 mAH 11.1V Li-po RC battery
Li-po low voltage battery alarm
RC replacement propellers
Utility knife
Hot Glue Gun
Hot glue sticks
Stainless steel ruler
Mini drill
Machinist square”

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