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Upcycling Dishwasher

I used an Arduino Nano to fix my dishwasher.

I had that all-high-voltage oldie dishwasher that stopped working. Its program switch has burned and I could not find the replacement part. But it is a quite good challenge for an Arduino project. :)

Connect the switches directly to Arduino like door, water lever switches
Replace dumb thermostat by thermistor to allow different temperature operations
Manage high voltage stuff by relay board like motor, heater, water valve
Add LED output and USB connector to the front panel
I decided to switch +5V and use pulldown resistors for each.

I have found many good descriptions on the web for that part. See the links. My only job was to build a thermistor into the thermostat housing. The sink has that sized hole, and I only have rubber sealing for it. I just removed the bimetal switch by a screwdriver and used epoxy glue to seal the thermistor.”

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