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Arduino Air Quality Monitor

Arduino MKR RGB displays PurpleAir air quality data for a sensor near you.

The open, local, real-time air quality data from PurpleAir has been super valuable during the pollution we’ve experienced over the past few months. I was also happy to see they even used the Arduino IDE to create this product!

I’ve found myself checking PurpleAir’s map multiple times a day - then realized the Arduino could just read the value itself and display the color on an LED display - so you would always know when it’s good to go outside.

This project uses the Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 and RGB shield which is a really neat, simple combination of hardware - just add USB power supply. As the components inside a connected LED lamp it would look really good behind some translucent white plastic casing - I haven’t got around to doing this but I am sure you can get creative.

In the Arduino sketch to perform the HTTP GET and JSON data processing we’re using the Arduino_HttpClient and Arduino_JSON libraries which make this Arduino code nice and compact.”

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