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From the previous Instructables, you can probably see that I have a deep interest for robotic projects. After the previous Instructable where I built a robotic biped, I decided to try and make a quadruped robot that could imitate animals such as dogs and cats. In this Instructable, I will show you the design and assembly of the robotic quadruped.
The primary goal while building this project was to make the system as robust as possible such that while experimenting with various walking and running gaits I wouldn’t have to constantly worry about the hardware failing. This allowed me to push the hardware to its limit and experiment with complex gaits and motions. A secondary goal was to make the quadruped relatively low-cost using readily available hobby parts and 3D printing which allowed for rapid prototyping. These two goals combined provide a robust foundation to perform various experiments, letting one develop the quadruped for more specific requirements such as navigation, obstacle avoidance and dynamic locomotion.”

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