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Soldering RT1

Open Source Universal Weller RT Soldering Station with Tweezers support

Soldering station compatible with Weller RT tips (12V 45W+ and more!!!), custom developed, perfect for SMD work :). Tips supported: RT Micro/Pico/Ultra and SMD tweezers. Portable, compact, performant, plain simple!!!

Tips supported:

- RT Micro
- RT Pico
- RT Ultra
- SMD tweezers

Main features:

- Two independent channels
- 1.8” TFT full color LCD
- Hardware mosfet support more than 10A continuous!! (repetitive peaks of more than 50A)
- Easy to use and portable
- Compatible with Weller RT1
- Open source
- Fully Programmable (temperatures 150-450C, preset temperatures, power limitation to use various power supplies), also serial interface and source code available.
- Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO) functionality
- Runs on standard external 12V power adapter (voltage range 7-24V), with also duty cycle limitation (allows to use smaller power supplies)
- Can run also on batteries (7-24V) with Under Voltage Lock Out (perfect for Lipo batteries!

Source code is developed based on Arduino. Full source code and manual are available in GitLab ( Source code and manual )

The case is designed to be 3D printed, two parts in a single print with no support (PLA, PETG, ABS, what you like). For a fast print it is possible to use a 0.3mm layer height (a complete case print can be done in less than 2h at 60mm/s).”

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