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Create your own music with OscPocketO, a synth and a drum machine, that can be synchronized!

Inspired by other portable music making machines, I read up on the excellent Mozzi library. Wouldn’t it be useful to be able to make a number of synths and drum machines and be able to synchronize them in tempo? OscPocketO was born - a portable music studio using only Arduino and a LCD keypad!

TheOscPocketO is controlledby switching to different modes using the SELECT button. Use the UP button to increase a value, DOWN to decrease a value, and LEFT and RIGHT to move the cursor.

The Arduino built in LEDblinks every time the OscPocketO plays a note.

Beware that connectingthe OscPocketO directly to your home stereo might overload it! Useheadphones or a mixer.

If the LCD display messesup press repeatedly so you pass the Tools menu - the LCD will bereset.”

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