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Intangible Surface is a gesture and IoT based touchless interface to interact with the digital world.

1. What Problem I am Trying to Solve?
A button is the most common interface to interact with the digital world. It could be as simple as a light switch or at a pedestrian crossing or it could be as complex as in the elevator or a kiosk. These buttons can act as a catalyst in the spread of viruses. The problem I am trying to solve is to reduce the touch-based interfaces a.k.a the catalysts by replacing it with a gesture and IoT based interface that is intangible, simple, and intuitive to operate.

2. How I am Trying to Solve It?
My solution is divided into two parts

Method 1: Replace the tangible buttons with an intangible gesture-based interface. A person will then interact with the digital world (light, fan, elevator, etc.) using gesture(s) instead of touch.

Method 2: No matter how much you try you will always touch your smartphone. So why not enable your smartphone to complement the gesture-based interface. It will make some complex interfaces like an elevator easy to use.

A person will swipe right to turn ON a light/fan and swipe left to turn it OFF. Rotate hand clockwise or anticlockwise to increase or decrease a fan’s speed or change a light’s intensity. The same device can also be used for some complex interfaces like an elevator. Swipe up or down to call the elevator based on the direction you are going. Swipe or rotate your hand to select the floor. And the magical part is that all of these actions are possible using a single interface. No need for a separate knob to control the fan speed. No need for multiple buttons to select the floor numbers.

Selecting 2 digit floor on an elevator using gestures could be a multi-step process, therefore, you also have the option of controlling an elevator using your smartphone. Not only the elevator but you can control almost anything using your smartphone.”

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