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Most of the time, we wear masks to help us stay safe. But sometimes, it’s fun to add a little life to your facewear. This mask uses an Adafruit Circuit Playground Express board to flash a shiny smile whenever you talk, using its built-in sound sensor and easy-to-learn Microsoft MakeCode programming!

This mask itself is simple to sew by hand or on a machine and comfortable to wear. It’s got two layers of fabric with a pouch that can hold a filter — or your CPX.

It’s a great project for kids (or anyone) who are just learning to sew and learning to code!

Parts List — Electronics
About all you need for this project is a Circuit Playground Express programmable microcontoller board, a USB cable to transfer the programming from your computer to the board, and a AAA battery holder to make it portable. These are all contained in the CPX Base Kit, or you can buy what you need separately. You’ll also need extension wires (one for a child, or chain two together for an adult) that can connect the board in your mask with the battery pack in your pocket.”

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