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Super-Sized RGB Seven-Segment Display Lamp

I will be showing you how I constructed my Super-Sized Seven Segment Display RGB Lamp although you probably already gathered that from the title 😄. As seen in the images above, this project will be a scaled up version of a seven segment display which is most commonly used in the vast majority of digital clocks. In the real version, each of the seven segments can be independently controlled to form the numbers zero through nine. Although these displays come in a variety of sizes, the one I modeled this project after is aproximately 1cm X 2cm. However, since this Instructable was created with the intention of being entered into the Super-Size Speed Challenge, the one we’ll be constructing is approximately 13cm X 20cm. Since this project utilizes an RGB floodlight it can display a wide number of shades and brightnesses.

A great thanks to Nikodem Bartnik for providing me the inspiration it took to finally complete my CNC router which will be utilized in this project. Although I modified his Dremel CNC to work with what I had, I wouldn’t have done it without the inspiration and support of his project. I figured this design would be a great opportunity to discover the capabilities of my newly built DIY CNC router. However, the same result could most likely be achieved with a skilled jigsaw operator.

13cm X 20cm X 1cm (5in X 8in X 0.25in) plank of wood or other suitable material
RGB Floodlight or other light source
Clear plastic bags to form a light diffuser
Two screws or posts that are approximately 40mm in length and 3.5mm in width
Stain (optional)”

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