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Run PICmicro Instructions on Arduino

A lightweight simulator to run programs compiled for PICmicro on Arduino.

μSim is a lightweight PICCPU and ALU simulator. This simulator supports the PICmicro mid-range instruction set and designed to work on both PC and Arduino platforms.

Compare with most of the other emulators, μSim does not provide all MCU features and peripherals. This simulator design as a minimalistic system, and based on the requirements, it can extend with additional peripherals and features.

Apart from the instruction decoder, this system simulates 1024 words of flash memory, 68 bytes of SRAM, two 8 bit GPIO ports, and register map similar to PIC16F84 MCU. Some of the common MCU peripherals and features such as interrupts, timers, and UART systems are not integrated into this simulator.

This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to setup μSim on PC and launch it on the Arduino Uno platform with a simple PIC program.”

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