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Pi-hole einkt display

e-inkt/e-paper display that shows information about Pi-hole

Hi, this is a little how-to guide for the Pi-hole e-inkt stats screen. I tried to describe everything with a lot of details, so even beginners will be able to reproduce what I made! Anyways, please let me know what you think, feedback is always welcome!

I found an interesting Github page repository from BillyBunn, it is called pi-hole. (Don’t confuse it with the original Pi-hole repository)

Because the project of BillyBunn had some bugs that wasn’t fixed. I decided to fork the repo and focussed on fixing the few bugs. Make the graph working and add some more configuration options are on the todo-list.

Maybe in the future I can make it compatible with e-inkt screens from different vendors. But that is for later, let’s get this one working first!”

Link to article