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Before you’re capable of creating a robot that can end civilization as we know it, and is able to end the human race. You first must be able to create the simple robots, the ones that can follow a line drawn on the ground, and here is where you’ll take your first step towards ending us all .

First of all, a line following robot is a robot that capable of following a line on the ground, and this line usually is a black line drawn on a white background or vise versa; and that is because it is easier for the robot to tell the difference between highly contrasting colors, like black and white. Where the robot changes its angle depending on the color it reads.

Two-Wheel Drive robot chassis, which have the following:
Acrylic chassis
2 DC motors with wheels and encoders
Caster wheel with metal standoffs
4 channel battery holder
Some screws and nuts
On/off switch
L298N motor driver module
2 Line tracker sensors
7.4v battery”

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