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Index PnP

The Index Pick and Place is an open source pick and place machine to aid in Mid-Scale Manufacturing.

This project is under development. It is not currently in a stable state. Development is active and ongoing, but this is not yet a finished design. If you’d like to build one to help find bugs and design issues, please do!

The Index is designed to be low-cost enough that someone could buy or build one to support making production runs at home or as a small business. It runs using OpenPnP.

The Index will eventually be able to do every component of PCBA manufacturing. It is currently capable of picking parts and placing them, but eventually the Index will support solder paste dispensing, automatic reflow, and even AOI.

Along with the Index machine itself, the project also comes along with feeders designed to work with the Index. Although they were designed with the Index in mind, they can work with any OpenPnP pick and place with a 20mm x 20mm rail for mounting.

A full Bill of Materials for the project can be found here.

The Index’s development process is being cataloged in a series of videos. A playlist of these can be found here.”

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