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Develop a GUI to record videos with various image effects and upload them to YouTube with given parameters via the YouTube Data API v3.

I am fond of experimenting with the Raspberry Pi camera options (such as image effects and duration) while recording demonstration videos for my electronics projects, and especially when birdwatching in my balcony :) When I take a video with my Raspberry Pi for the mentioned reasons, I usually upload the video to my YouTube channel, as a private video, due to the storage limit on Pi. However, the process of recording and uploading through Raspberry Pi had miscellaneous and intricate steps to follow all over again: adjusting video settings manually, opening my YouTube channel, defining video parameters, etc.

Thus, I contemplated a GUI by which I could adjust the video recording settings and define the parameters to upload videos to YouTube without signing to my YouTube channel on the browser every time. After some research, I decided to use the Google APIs Client Library for Python to communicate with my YouTube channel through the YouTube Data API. In the end, I developed a GUI (YouTube Video Recorder and Uploader) in Python, including two interfaces - Record menu and Upload menu.”

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