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Temperature Controlled System With L293D

The temperature sensitive controlled system is a device which controls and maintain the temperature of an object over a particular area related to the surroundings. These types of controlled systems are mainly used in ACs (Air Conditioners), Refrigerators, coolants, thermal automobile industries etc. so lets understand the working and principle of the temperature controlled system with our project demonstration.

The temperature controlled system works, when the temperature is more than the surrounding the Op-Amp output flows across the circuit is high, which is passed to the motor fan for the cooling of an system and acts as a coolant component. Since we have connected the driver motor to the ground the output of L293D is high and the fans motor starts rotating resulting to the temperature decrease of the system. This types of temperature controlled systems are mainly used and implemented in automobile industry, water heaters, refrigerators, coolants etc. so lets make our temperature controlled system.
1. L293D Motor Driver IC (1)
2. LM358 Op-Amp (1)
3. LM35 Temperature Sensor
4. DC Fan 12V (1).
5. 10k Ohm Resistor (1)
6. 5k Ohm Potentiometer (1)
7. Bread Board
8. 12V Power Supply
9. Connecting wires (as required)”

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