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Easy Designing of Copper Pipe Industrial Style Furniture

Making pieces of furniture with copper pipes and fittings that you can find in plumbing supplies stores is not a new idea. Their crude unfinished appearance and monochrome color marks the so-called industrial design. This style began to reach the general public more and more at the beginning of the 2000’s but until today it enjoys a great popularity. There are thousands of projects on the Internet that present desk lamps, shelves, tables, candle holders, all kinds of stands, frames, other pieces of furniture, elements of artistic decoration. I have also found here on instructables some projects like this, for example:

Copper Pipe Candelabra
Copper Pipe Table Lamp
Copper Pipe Towel Rail
Copper Pipe Candlesticks
Easy Copper Pipe and Reclaimed Wood Table
Copper Pipe Wine Rack
Copper pipe photo frames
No Solder Copper Pipe Stool
How to Make an IPad Holder Out of Copper Pipe
As you can see there are many projects!

Their practical implementation is described in extenso and I could not add any more details on this. However, an important part that I noticed is under silence is the design phase. All the projects I found start with “we need the following components and we’ll assemble them according to this plan …” But nothing about how they got there is specified. I would like with this article to come to fill this huge gap :)


using the 3D design program proposed by me I always have the object that I will achieve in front, I can intervene easily, I can also change anything until I reach the desired result;
copper and copper elements are not really cheap, but with a correct design I can calculate exactly why and how much I need thus avoiding the extra cost;
I can easily design objects with a complicated design, which is almost impossible to do with paper and pencil. I would like to point out that the vast majority of the projects on the net are minimalist, simple, easy to “decipher” but if you want something special, more personal, just read my article …
last but not least, rendering projects, seeing the objects as close to reality as possible is a very useful thing, especially if we want to show our project to other people, to receive the approval of a possible client - or my wife :) Additionally, I would like to mention that I used the rendering in many of my articles here on instructables and the simulations also helped me in designing my kitchen and my bathroom furniture.
I wish that this article will be an inspiration for you to start making furniture projects.

I look forward for your opinions, criticisms, proposals both here in the comments section or in private messaging.”

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