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I’ve had a love-love relation with clocks and LEDs. Over the years, I’ve made quite a few clocks, but keep coming back to the Infinity Mirror Clock that I first made a few years back. However, with each iteration, the results have become better and easier to use. This latest iteration has the following features:

The electronics are really simple now:
One ESP8266 module (Wemos D1 Mini)
WS2812B LED Strip with 60 LEDs - you can use different densities, and those would impact the overall size of the clock
Open Source - source code available on GitHub and can be modified as required
Over-the-air updates
Has a web interface to change colors, time zones (if wanted) and other settings
Has a night mode - to either dim the lights or switch them off completely
Uses WiFi to get your time zone and time - so your clock is always synced and shows the correct time
Easy to set up the wifi
Uses off-the-shelf photo frames to get a great finish
The inner portion can be made using 3D printing, laser cutting, or at a stretch even using a simple saw - since this portion is hidden, it doesn’t need to be very finished”

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