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Clock that chimes on the hours, halves, quarters

This clock has no display; it only chimes. It will chime on the hour and the count of the hour, or optionally the halves and quarters.
The clock runs on an ESP8266 NodeMCU to drive solenoids (or voice coils) to strike chimes. The ESP8266 keeps time and synchronizes via NTP servers.

The module has just one button to mute the clock, if desired.
The module hosts a web page for configuration and testing of the clock.
Configuration includes:
- Clock Mode - How many chimes, chime on halves, qtrs. etc.
- Mute Time - optionally can mute overnight
- NTP Server - server to get time
- Timezone
Actions include:
Test chime
Mute for next hour

This version of the clock is set to play Westminster chimes using Al tubes and Harddrive voice coils. It is installed in an old house in Tainan, Taiwan, in a semi-public place that holds events and exhibitions. Also for now the building has no glass in the windows so the chiming sound is heard out in the (albeit tiny) street!”

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