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Induction heaters are a great piece of tool for heating metal objects that can come in handy in a DIYers workspace when you need to get things red hot without messing up the whole space.
So today we are going to create an extremly powerful induction heater totally from scratch and the good thing is that this unit is built using customized Printed Circuit Boards which makes the whole building process for you guys a piece of cake and neat aswell.

List of material required for this project :
- Customised printed circuit board
- 12 AWG & 16 AWG enamel copper wire
- Ferrite cores
- 12v DC fan
- Heat sink
- Resistors
- Capacitors
- Diodes

List of tools used in this projects :

- Soldering Iron
- Soldering wire
- Cutters
- Pliers”

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