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3 Channel Digital LED Strip WS2812 Controller

I have always wanted an inexpensive way to control multiple digital led strips.
This instructable shows all the steps I went through in designing and building this project.

It works based on microcontroller Arduino Nano ATmega328 and program Arduino, which is in C++. In program, we define each led strip, how many numbers of led diode does it have and color for each led diode individual.


- 1 x Arduino Nano Atmega328
- 4 x 470Ω resistor
- 1 x 10kΩ resistor
- 1x fuse 2A (based on your needs)
- 3 x LED strip type WS2812
- 1x PCB plate
- 5 x Input / output terminals

Total amount = 16 parts


- Solder gun and solder
- Wire cutters
- Needle nose pliers
- Drill and drill points
- Hand or powered saw
- Rotary Tool
- Sandpaper
- Digital multimeter
- thinner
- rosin powder
- brush
- stronger plastic pot
- Safety Glasses :)”

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