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You can turn CardKB into a pocket computer!Complete pocket computer for CardKB using ArduinoBaisc, CardKB, I2C OLED screen. Since BASIC uses ArduinoBasic ( ), it supports almost all normal functions such as float and string variables, multidimensional arrays, FOR-NEXT, GOSUB-RETURN, etc. To do. Save and load from EEPROM is supported. The BASIC program and variables use about 1k of RAM, so it is almost equivalent to the first computer (Sinclair ZX81). The other 1k of RAM is used for the keyboard and screen buffer, and there is a little room for the CPU stack. Since arduino has a 1k EEPROM, if the program fits in the basic environment, it will fit in the EEPROM.
1) CardKB(
2) I2C OLED (eg SSD1306 128x32 or 128x64)
3) mini breadboard
4) Battery box
5) EEPROM (eg 24LC256) (Option)”

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