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Connecting Your Plant to the Cloud

In our office there is a cactus that wasn’t getting the attention it deserved. Since I work at an IT company and wanted to experiment with LoRa, serverless solutions and AWS, I named our cactus Steeve and connected him to the cloud. You can now monitor Steeve from just about anywhere in the world using the webpage I made for him: Steeve’s web interface.


1 cactus / your favourite plant
1 Arduino MKR WAN 1300 (Arduino store)
1 868mHz/914mHz (depends on your location) antenna (Amazon)
1 LoRa Gateway when not in range of one (Amazon)
2 AA batteries
1 TMP102 sensor (Amazon)
1 soil moisture sensor (Amazon)
Conductive cables (Amazon)
soldering iron
Battery holder (Amazon)
optional: 3D printer (if you can use a 3d printer then you don’t need a battery holder or a case)”

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