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SilverLight: Arduino Based Environmental Monitor for Server Rooms

Once I was given the task to look for an environmental probe for monitoring the temperature in the server room of my company. My first idea was: why not just use a Raspberry PI and a DHT sensor, it can be setup in less than an hour including the OS installation. For this I got the cold response from blindfolded bossy people that we will not do that because it would cost more in work hours to set it up than buying a device. Having to accept narrow minded people like this for a part of my life was one thing and I ordered some enterprise grade EATON junk off Ebay and call it but I decided at that moment that for my own server room I will build a completely Open Source Arduino based device which will be much better than what I just ordered.
This project is code named SilverLight, don’t ask me where I get these names from :) I just looked at the shiny half acrylic box and decided with this name, it has nothing to do with the microhoof product what I found out about after.”

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