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In this tutorial we will show you how to build a #DIY #hydroponics system.
This DIY hydroponic system will water on a custom hydroponic watering cycle with 2 minutes on and 4 minutes off. It will also monitor the reservoir water level. This system will be connected to WiFi so it can send notification alerts whenever the water reservoir is running low on water and needs to be refilled.
Supplies:1/4” outer diameter landscaping tubing 7 gallon storage bin with a lid2” net potsfiber mediumclay pellets2” hole saw bitlandscaping tubingtee connectors zip tieswater nozzles
Adosia Automatic Plant Feeder Reservoir subassembly kit:
1 Adosia IoT device
1 12V water pump / level switch assembly (detect empty water / protect pumps)
1 extra 12V submersible water pump for dual pump operation
1 ruggedized analog soil moisture sensor
1 horizontal water level switch (detect low water level)
1 DC power supply (12V/1A)”

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